Towel Care

 Breaking-in your Towel 

The high quality cotton fibers in our towels are designed to break-in, just like high-quality denim does. Each peshtemal will become softer and more absorbent with use. So, Even though most our towels are pre washed we suggest washing a couple more times to wake up the fibers. You will find that the fibers will expand and "Plump Up" Especially in the linen and thinner peshtemal. 


MAZi Care Tips:

The best think you can do is wash on delicate and hang dry but you can also tumble dry on air or low. With looser weaved towels its best to hand dry or air dry with no heat.
Soaking your Peshtemal in cold water for 20 minutes before your first wash will encourage your towel's fibers to open naturally, but they'll soften on their own after a few uses. This is not a required step.
Because of the handmade nature of our products some minor imperfections may occur. Its ok to cut any "snags' With scissors your towel won't unravel. 
Ditch the fabric softener! Never use fabric softener on your towel - this will block the towel's ability to absorb water over time.
Wash your towel on a low/cold cycle. Tumble dry low/warm, or air dry.
Extra care tip: Wash your towel with white vinegar every couple of months to remove detergent build up (this works for all of your clothes!)