About MAZi

Why the name MAZi? Great question. MAZi joins our names (proud owners and partners) Matt and Sazi, but it just so happens that the name MAZi is an african boys' name which means "Be Helpful." For us, that means sourcing handmade, eco-sustainable products, giving back to the planet, and supporting communities by helping our forests return and thrive. 

~ Fine MAZi Craftsmanship ~

MAZi fine peshtemal products are made with premium Turkish cotton, and hand-loomed by lifetime artisans living in Turkey. We direct-source all of our products, and inspect each piece by hand before shipping. Your product has been pre-washed,
and will plump up after first dry.

Please see our care instructions for instructions on how to properly care for your new piece of handmade art.

~ Earth-Friendly - Eco-Friendly ~

MAZI products DO NOT undergo any “Non-Shrinking” processes or “Softening” chemical treatments. This means your towel will soften with age and wear naturally -
as it is traditionally meant to do! 

~ Our Shipping Material ~

MAZi uses 100% Post-consumer waste for all our shipping supplies - even the glue on the shipping label is 100% biodegradable!

Remember that all our packaging is 100% Recyclable/Biodegradable, so PLEASE recycle your packaging after unwrapped. 

If your business would like to switch to earth-friendly packaging and shipping material please visit EcoEnclose, our wonderful shipping partners!

Eco friendly shipping - eco enclose

~ MAZI is Proud to Partner with These Non-Profit Organizations ~

1% for the Planet Member - One Tree Planted - and Trees for the Future

We plant trees for each peshtemal towel we sell, and we also give 1% of our total sales back to local nonprofits that support the environment. 

Reach out - We would love to hear from you!

If you have ideas for a collaboration, a suggestion, a wholesale inquiry or just want to say hello, we'd love to hear from you! Reach out at


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